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Gabe is a genius. He knows it, of course, because everyone has been telling his parents since he was five that he was. His parents knew, too, but not because of everyone telling them. They're geniuses, too, and they kind of raised him to it. His father is a chess Grandmaster and professor, and his mother is a neurosurgeon, so everyone kind of expected it of him and as a result, he wasn't really treated as anything particularly special. In his family's social circles, everyone had genius kids. Gabe's first girlfriend was a math prodigy and the kid that gave him his first black eye was a ten year old concert pianist.

So Gabe was never particularly impressed by his own intellect, and went to Oxford as a matter of course. He graduated with a doctorate in physics and one in robotics and immediately sought employment at a fish and chips shop in London. His parents were understandably horrified but, as Gabe pointed out to them, genius had its quirks and his was a desire to be surrounded by the smell of fryer oil.

In truth, he was just tired of the pressure of being super smart all the time. He got a flat in a cheap building where everything leaked and no one fixed it. His roommate had dropped out of school to pursue a career in football which never manifested. The two of them drank entirely too much and ate terrible food and Gabe invented things in the living room that served no practical purpose, though Chas particularly appreciated the Rube Goldberg machine that opened his lager for him. His girlfriend, Ruth, sold perfume at a department store and had no idea how gravity worked.

Basically, his life was perfect.

Then K-Day happened and Gabe, heeding the call, reluctantly enlisted in the PPDC. He is currently stationed at the Proving Ground, putting the new Jaegers through their paces and giving lectures to Ranger trainees, whom he holds in great contempt.

But he keeps in touch with Chas and Ruth, because a guy's gotta have some good influences.

mun contact: marchingjaybird (Skype)
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